Spiritual meaning of watching shooting stars

Shooting stars: what they’re, after they’re seen, meaning, desires, myths, and legends


Man has always been fascinated by the celebs and related phenomena, one in every of which is shooting stars.

The light trails that suddenly taste the night sky exert a strong attraction not only for the romanticism they transmit but also as an awfully important astronomical phenomenon. Seeing a light-weight is sometimes a source of amazement and joy because it’s not often the case that you simply simply are faced with this spectacle of nature.

The shooting stars

However, there are more propitious times of the year that scientists now regularly report and traditions suggest, in an exceedingly historical continuity to which man feels inextricably linked. The simplest due to admiring the Shooting Stars is to be removed from the sunshine sources of the cities and observe all the portion of the sky that you simply can see to not miss even one.

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A selected condition that favors the sight of the passage of shooting stars is additionally the setting of the moon and thus the undeniable fact that it is not full, favoring a poorly lit sky.

What are shooting stars?

The magic of shooting stars is particularly linked to the brightness they emanate, indicating greater proximity to the earth’s atmosphere. In reality, it’s wrong to speak of shooting stars, as they do not crash on the earth’s soil that they’re not even touching.

Shooting stars are more precisely fragments of meteors, called meteorites, which acquire sight after they get in grips with the earth’s orbit. This contact and also the proximity to the sun, which is our star, causes a rise in temperature which is able to exceed 1600 °. However, shooting stars are covered in ice and also carry other substances, like acid gas and methane. the moment during which they become luminescent is that the identical within which of those components as a complete are exhausted.

shooting star
shooting star

This is why they’re visible for a few seconds, style of an excellent that rolls lightly leaving its special trail. The meteor fragments don’t seem to be only except for the rocky matter that travels at the speed of over 215 thousand km per hour and represents one of the scattered debris within the universe, which is additionally usually carried by comets.

These too are gaseous masses that sooner or later run out of their “fuel” exactly like our sunburns. The luminous trail that’s seen crossing a bit of the sky is nothing but a dying physical object, especially for those very small fragments. Some disintegrate, others of more imposing dimensions continue their journey whether or not with a volume considerably reduced by combustion.

When you see shooting stars

The night during which a shower of falling stars is traditionally visible is that of August 10, with the passage of the Perseids. The Perseids are fragments of meteors that arrive right from the constellation of Perseus and every year the world, with its motion of revolution, approaches it. It actually passes through one in every of the “regions” of the universe that are on its orbit then become more frequent in our sky. In reality, the passage of the Perseids embraces a decent long period, which works from the highest of July thereto of August, with a peak between 9 and 13 August of each year.

Scholars are aware that the Perseids are debris left behind by the comet Swift-Tuttle, which occasionally passes near our scheme. The identical comet was discovered for the first time in 1862 and thus the time-lapse between one passage and so the opposite is many years: the last time was in ’92 and so the following is predicted in 2126.

The rain of stars, however, isn’t visible only in August, because during the year there are various passages associated with as many areas of the sky from which other shooting stars or more precisely “meteor showers” come from.

At the beginning of the year, for example, and more precisely between 1 and 6 January, there’s the passage of the Forty days, with a peak around 3 and 4. they’re so-called because they originate from the constellation of Boote and are linked to the fragments of a comet, called C / 1490 Y1, which Asian astronomers, particularly Japanese and Chinese, already knew 500 years ago.

Between 19 and 24 April, however, it’s possible to admire the passage of the Lyrids, so-called because they’re available from a part located between the constellation of Lira which of Leo, towards the north-east. Also during this case, we must thank the passage of the comet C / 1861 Thatcher which occurs every 415 years near the planet Earth. Every 60 years near their passage is extremely intense and so the last one passed in 1982.

Between 1 and eight May instead, there’s the Eta Aquarids, which take their name from the constellation Aquarius and are the debris of the famous Halley’s comet. Between July 15 and holiday of obligation, therefore in conjunction with the Perseids, there are the shooting stars called Delta Aquarids, which a bit like the previous ones come from the constellation of Aquarius.

In autumn, from October 16 to 30, the physical phenomenon to admire is that of the Orionids, which are fragments of the star Betelgeuse and are available from the constellation of Orion.

Until the highest of November, they’re amid the Taurids that arrive from the constellation of Taurus, together with the Leonids and, finally, the Geminids that are visible only between 7 and 20 December and are fragments from the asteroid 3200 Phaethon, passing through the constellation of Gemini.

The meaning of shooting stars

There are many meanings that over the millennia are attributed to shooting stars and in most cases, they have always been linked to positive omens. The celebrities and astral phenomena have overwhelmingly intrigued the one who interpreted them as direct messages from heaven, who along with his load of mystery wanted to reveal what awaits him.

We know from archaeological finds in various places round the world that astronomy was an awfully important subject for ancient peoples, just like the Maya, who had made very precise calculations regarding lunar phases, eclipses, etc. until 2012. The very ancient site of Stonehenge within the united kingdom has been confirmed to be an astronomical observatory, moreover very precise, where the solstice and also the equinox were topical moments due to its construction which seems up to now back to the Neolithic.

Entrust wishes to shooting stars

Shooting stars are an element of those phenomena until the arrival of recent science has always represented a vital moment for people who observe them, an opportunity to entrust the conclusion of their desires the most felt thanks to the rarity of the passage of the identical stars. The still very strong tradition of entrusting one’s desires to the celebrities has ancient roots, which debate with the identical etymology of the word “desire”.

The term derives from the Latin “de siderum” which suggests “on the stars”. the will entrusted to the celebs was also that of the sailors who had learned to identify the constellations and, additionally to the rudimentary compasses, oriented themselves “reading the sky”, to understand the desire to attain the destination of the mainland.

shooting star
shooting star

The role of the light as a guide is additionally known within the Christian tradition, starting with the one that showed the Magi due to the cave with the child Jesus. However, the best-known story about shooting stars is that of San Lorenzo on 10 August. It had been on this date that in 258 AD he was martyred and burned alive on hot coals by Romans and also the shooting stars are called “tears of San Lorenzo”, the identical shed for the atrocious sufferings to which he was subjected.

Famous is also a poem by Pascoli entitled “August 10” dedicated, however, to the weeping for the death of his father Ruggero on the identical date, who was mysteriously murdered. In any case, the fulfillment of desires is linked to maintaining the secrecy and having to specify it as soon because the star falls. In step with tradition, if the necessity is to marry the one that you love, just say his name aloud as soon because the first star falls. Again, the necessity must remain secret.

Myths and legends related to shooting stars

In addition to the Christian tradition that links shooting stars to a tragic phenomenon like tears for the death of a saint, other legends have alternated over the centuries, associating them with auspicious or inauspicious meanings and omens. per mythology, the shooting stars represented the fragments of Phaeton, who was struck by Jupiter after causing much trouble to mortals.

Legend has it that Phaeton son of Phoebus, who was in charge of driving the chariot of the sun, allowed him to drive it. The inexperience of the young man, however, made the horses go wild by swinging the sun which brought drought, famine, and a sturdy heart.

On this occasion, the legend still tells, the African peoples became dark-skinned by the acute heat. Angry Jupiter precipitated Phaeton from heaven, ending the drought and famine. Some Latin authors like Pliny, Marcello, or Rutilio Palladino believed that shooting stars were answerable for curing them for the disappearance of eye diseases and calluses.

In Sparta, however, the shooting stars decreed that the king should be deposed, supported the observation of the sky that occurred every 9 years, and which, in tradition, was a politically inauspicious sign. Other legends related to Hindu culture narrate that shooting stars mark the descent of souls who must reincarnate on earth. For the peoples who belonged to the creed of Zoroaster, in ancient Persia, the shooting stars have attributed the role of divinity whether or not minors.

In this culture, the shooting stars did not have a positive meaning and, on the contrary, their passage within the sky heralded wars, famines, epidemics. Still, in step with Zoroastrianism, shooting stars were synonymous with major social upheavals caused by the forces of evil, which can be personified within the range of witches, whose representative was called Duzhyairya.

It was the stars Sirius who could defeat the military of chaos witches, shooting star arrows and ending the hazards. Sirius is additionally the star that today we all know to be the brightest which is why within the holy book of Zoroaster, the Avesta, it absolutely was seen with a savior god called by the name of Tishtrya.

Other beliefs and legends are linked to the standard culture carried on by Chinese astrologers. It’s known that they were attentive to astrological phenomena of this kind since the sixth century BC and even for them the shooting stars didn’t announce anything good. The negative omen was linked in an exceedingly very special way because of the fate of the sovereigns, their conduct, and thus the implications on the people.

Astrologers who saw a visual ethical motive the sky predicted battles for power, wars, government crises, and other social upheavals. Now that we all know the way frequent shooting stars are going to be during the year, it’s clear that the political fortunes of the Chinese kingdom were always in peril, fleeting, and paradoxically unpredictable for the rulers.


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