5 Tips in teaching violin to adult students

5 Tips in teaching violin to adult students

Often violin lessons Singapore schools are seen to be for younger learners. There is this misconception that individuals should start their violin journey at a young age. This is a myth, it’s never too late to pick up an instrument. Adult violin students often doubt their music and learning abilities because they have fallen for these myths. “You can learn easily how to play the violin in your childhood, years.”

This is one of them and it is completely false. Yes, it is true that learning at a young age has its advantages, however, learning as an adult is common and completely possible. You can ask any violin class Singapore instructor and they would tell you the same thing.

Children are in their developing years, and there are many ways to teach them such as the Suzuki method. This can specifically help them progress during their developing stages. However, the adult brain is still able to form new neural synapses. It does not just stop at children. Medical experts and scientists had once denied this fact, however, overtime they have discovered it to be true.

To violin class Singapore instructors, teaching adults is like the calm in the storm. It feels great to share their knowledge to someone that really wants to learn. Their interest in the violin is entirely self-made. In this article, we will discuss 5 tips on how to teach violin to adult students.

#1 Set goals with your students.

When it comes to violin class Singapore lessons with adult students, it is crucial to have goal-setting. Violin lessons Singapore instructors should be committed in helping their students achieve their goals regardless of age. However, with an adult learner it will be easier to convey this to. It will be good to have a clear outline that is made together to create goals on how you can improve the quality of the lesson.

5 Tips in teaching violin to adult students
5 Tips in teaching violin to adult students

Adult students are usually more self-aware. They will prefer to follow a specific violin class structure. There should be violin class Singapore objectives in place. The defined set of objectives will help them make better choices, will be easier to track, and to practice and maintain their skills and techniques. They will be able to schedule aside more practice and rehearsal time.

In that case, they will take initiative and be more proactive when there are certain objectives set. As a violin lessons Singapore teacher it is your duty to help them get those objectives in place.

#2 Step into the student’s shoes.

The best way to encourage, motivate and support one of your adult violin students is to show compassion by becoming the student yourself. You can create an authentic space this way and there will be less pressure in the atmosphere. Therefore, as a violin lessons Singapore instructor, put yourself in your student’s shoes.

How would you feel if you were that age and learning a new skill for the very first time? Maybe join another class as an adult. Take a masterclass for example. It would be great to know how it feels like and you will be more aware of how you want to approach your teaching methods to adult learners. Taking a step into your student’s shoes will make you a better teacher.

#3 Playing the violin might not be the main objective.

Some adult learners may find these violin lessons Singapore sessions are their way to relax and have some downtime. They may take the instrument up as a hobby and find that these classes are like their downtime. Private violin class Singapore structures are usually meant to teach. However, in some cases of the adult violin learner, they may just want you to spend a bit more time debriefing, watching you play, and listening to your instructions.

They also may enjoy listening to violin pieces that they would look forward to learning later down the line. As an adult they may already be working and are tired of receiving instructions elsewhere. Therefore, allow some down-time and maybe use some non-instrument bases techniques. Examples can include pre-performance anxiety soothers, practice techniques when they don’t have the instrument or visualizations.

#4 No more controls.

If you are more familiar with violin lessons Singapore options that are for children or younger students, you may have created lesson plans on what has worked in the past. These lesson plans work well with kids as they are used to being told on what to do by their teachers or adults. However, when it comes to violin class Singapore adult lessons, it sure is different.

5 Tips in teaching violin to adult students
5 Tips in teaching violin to adult students

They may be ready to focus on the lesson plans, or they may rather go their own route. For example, an adult student may insist on learning a particular song that they want to play for their family or friends. Therefore, you will have to improvise on how to go about this. How to teach them the proper techniques from your lesson plans and also give them what they want. It is best as a violin lessons Singapore instructor to release a little control when it comes to adult students.

#5 Have a lenient attitude.

Adult life has more demands. They often have more responsibilities and daily tasks to attend to than their youthful counterparts. Adult students may be more self-motivated;however it is not a stranger to the fact that life can get in the way. Therefore, there are cases where they won’t be able to make their violin class Singapore session.

They may have to cancel more often due to certain obligations. They also may run late due to many reasons. Finally, they may not have as much time to practice. Adopt a lenient attitude towards situations like these. Understand where they are coming from. Also, remind them about your company’s policies from the beginning.

Final thoughts about violin

Teaching adults may not be as difficult as it seems. It all also depends on their personal goals and why they chose to learn the violin. As a hobby? To just get some downtime? Or to really pursue becoming a violinist? It’s best to get to know your adult student as much as possible before figuring out a method to teach them.

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